What is it?

It is not easy to find time/motivation to watch good GDC Vault videos. The Toolsmiths community decided to form a sort of “book club” for GDC Vault Talks (or other Game Tools related talks) called “Vault Club”.

How does it work?

We pick a video that is related to Game Dev Tools & Technologies, pick a date to watch it together or watch it on our own time, then discuss it in the #vault-club channel.

Next Vault Club Screening TBD

Upcoming Vault Club Screenings

  • The Making of Horizon Zero Dawn (selected by Geoff Evans)
  • [Automated Testing at Scale in Sea of Thieves Unreal Fest Europe 2019 ]( (selected by Geoff Evans)

List of Suggested GDC Vault Talks

Discussed GDC Talks