Posted on 22 February 2010 by Jeff Ward

The Toolsmiths was created, and is an integral part of, the IGDA Tools SIG. Right now, the IGDA is holding elections for its new board. There are 23 candidates for 5 positions on the board, and you can read all of their statements at the IGDA’s website. In addition, Boston Chapter member and indie developer Scott McMillan has subjected each of the candidate statements to some scrutiny, and asks them some important questions about where they feel the IGDA is going over the next few years.

The elections are very important, especially this year. In the past, the IGDA has had image problems, in no small part because of the actions of certain board members. It is important that we get board members that are actually extensions of our own voices, so that the IGDA can actually represent us as developers. If you are a member of the IGDA (which I really hope you are) please go vote.