Posted on 16 March 2018 by Victor Stepanov

It’s not always easy to find information regarding Game Tools Development on the Internet. There isn’t just one place where you can go and find information regarding a particular topic. With the insight and knowledge of The Toolsmiths Community, with developers from around the world, we have made an excellent online resource for Game Tools Developers, and it is called The Toolsmiths Codex.

The Toolsmiths Codex is a treasure trove of information regarding Game Tools Development. The Codex will continuously be curated and updated by the Toolsmiths Slack Team.

The Codex currently holds the following tools related information:

  • 50 GDC sessions
  • 64 articles
  • 38 videos
  • 52 terms in the Glossary
  • 75 solutions for Game Development problems in “The Toolsmiths Arsenal”
  • 26 tools to help with tool development in “The Toolsmiths Toolbox”
  • 7 books
  • some Game Tools History
  • some Tools Development Wisdom

And this is just the beginning! There is still a great deal of information out there to collate into the ultimate online references for building tools.

The Toolsmiths Codex

P.S. Information about how to join The Toolsmiths Slack Team can be found on the home page.