Posted on 21 February 2021 by Alexander Pirogov & Victor Stepanov

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We are looking for GDC Tools Summit talks

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If you have been working on a GameDev Tools technology why not share your findings with GameDev Tools community at the GDC Tools Summit?

We are looking for great talks about Tools Tech and Tools Design/UX

Send your talk ideas to Geoff Evans And David Lightbown

Unreal Engine 4: What does the Asset Manager do?

  • UE
  • Engine

Guess who has added timestamps this time!? >_<

An overview of CRYENGINE’s Sandbox Editor

  • Engine
  • Editor

Check out this great overview of The Sandbox Editor with Brian Dilg.

find out more

The Sandbox Editor overview

Using the MetaHuman Facial Rig in Unreal Engine

  • UE
  • Engine

Apart from insane computer graphics achievements and improvements to the pipeline of adding human characters to the game, it’s really interesting to see custom rig components used in Unreal Editor. Gives an inspiration for custom UI controls.

The simplest file format supported by image viewers

  • Pipeline

When you need to debug your pipeline and have a visual representation

View your build performance right in Visual Studio

  • Build
  • MSVS

Improving C++ build times

  • Build
  • GCC
  • Clang
  • MSVC

And now that you have discovered that your build performance is not so great - post about build time optimizations. Even though all the examples are for embedded development and with MAKE, this knowledge is easily transferable to games and other build systems (at least to CMAKE).

There’s a remark:

NOTE: This is a GCC/Clang-only feature.

You most definitely can make it with MSVC as well.

Mouse Picking // Game Engine series

  • Engine
  • Editor
  • User Tools

Yan Chernikov shares how he implemented mouse picking in the game editor of his Hazel engine.

Module teams for core Blender development

  • Open Source

Checkout how the Blender Dev team is organizing their development process with the growing popularity of the project.

Makefile support in Visual Studio Code

  • Build
  • CM

How World Of Tanks Console is built

  • Build
  • CI

How EVE Online is built

  • Build
  • CI

Incident management for 10+ cross-functional teams

  • Devops
  • Build
  • IT

When you have a big team it is important to stay on top of infrastructure issues. When your infrastructure goes down, how fast can you tell what actually happened? How quick is your response time?

TileMap editor rework in Godot

  • Godot
  • Engine
  • Editor
  • User Tools

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NVIDIA Announces Nsight Systems 2021.1

Rider gets XAML preview

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