Posted on 28 February 2021 by Alexander Pirogov & Victor Stepanov

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We are looking for GDC Tools Summit talks

  • Announcement

If you have been working on a GameDev Tools technology why not share your findings with GameDev Tools community at the GDC Tools Summit?

We are looking for great talks about Tools Tech and Tools Design/UX

Send your talk ideas to Geoff Evans And David Lightbown

The Machinery Beta version 2021.2

  • Our Machinery
  • Engine
  • Workflow

Checkout the latest updates from the Our Machinery team. We recommend viewing the asset import workflow video .

Breakpoint Conference

  • Conference
  • Debugging
  • Testing

Probably the single best conference for GameDev tools information. Building, debugging, testing, managing crashes and much more!

OpenAI + Chatbot integration into Modbox

  • AI
  • In-game Editor
  • UX

Checkout the visual scripting in Modbox and the fascinating possibilities of chatbot integration.

Room-builder tool in Unity

  • Unity
  • Terrain
  • UX

This cool tool reminds us of Sander van Rossen’s Tools Summit: Geometry in Milliseconds: Real-Time Constructive Solid Geometry

Source: Technically Art: Issue 88 (26.02.2021) by Harry Alisavakis

ztd.text lib announcement

  • lib

From GitHub’s description:

Because if text works well in two of the most popular systems programming languages, the entire world over can start to benefit properly.

This repository is an implementation of an up and coming proposal percolating through SG16, P1629 - Standard Text Encoding. It will also include implementations of some downstream ideas covered in Previous Work in this area, including Zach Laine’s Boost.Text (proposed), rmf’s libogonek, and Tom Honermann’s text_view.

Custom Terrain System in Unity

  • Unity
  • Terrain
  • UX

Source: Technically Art: Issue 88 (26.02.2021) by Harry Alisavakis

Open-World terrain trick in Unity

  • Unity
  • Terrain
  • Level Design

Source: Technically Art: Issue 88 (26.02.2021) by Harry Alisavakis

Terrain painting tool for Unity

  • Unity
  • Terrain

Source: Technically Art: Issue 88 (26.02.2021) by Harry Alisavakis

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