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Nice hair!

  • Unreal Engine

Speedup with Tail Call guarantee

  • C
  • pipeline

Open Mesh Effect Demo

  • infrastructure

Edit models in UE

  • Unreal Engine

Predefined UV layouts

  • editor

MetaHuman Creator overview

  • Unreal Engine

video link (with timestamp)

Lighting workflows in CRYENGINE


Place & avoid

  • editor

Source: Technically Art: Issue 96 (30.04.2021) by Harry Alisavakis

Easy Pixel Art

  • workflow

Hands sim for VR devs

  • VR

Source: Technically Art: Issue 96 (30.04.2021) by Harry Alisavakis

πŸ”₯ Hot Tools Jobs πŸ”₯

Systems Engineer @ Telltale Games

Indy Ray posted in the careers channel

I have a role open too: Role can be adapted for more Senior or Juinor. Have tons of tooling work in Build or Animation.

Senior Programmer - Tools @ Media Molecule

Media Molecule logo

Amy Phillips posted in the careers channel

read more

Senior Tools Engineer @ Infinity Ward

WZ logo

read more

If you want to apply send a DM to Victor Stepanov

Software Development Lead - AR/VR Experiences @ The Walt Disney Studios

Nick Porcino posted in the careers channel

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Senior Tools Programmer @ Tuque Games

WZ logo

Igor Rafael de Sousa posted in the careers channel

My team at Tuque Games, currently working on D&D Dark Alliance, is open for hiring a new Sr. Tools Programmer. We are located in Montreal but there is plenty of time to move here while we are working from home. There is no job posting yet but I’m happy to talk about my experience so far. You can reach out to me or simply apply via our careers page:

The Toolsmiths updates:

  • Toolsmiths @ GDC 2021 July 19-23

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Playing with words

Import terrain into Audacity?

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