list reference from by Geoff Evans
  • Radix (2: binary, 10: decimal, 16: hexadecimal)
  • Polynomials
  • Conic sections
Linear Algebra
  • Matrices for representing systems of equations
  • The determinant and what it tells you about a matrix
Linear Algebra
  • All the trigonometric functions
  • How each trig function relates to coordinate components on the unit circle
ℝ3 and affine transformations:
  • Fundamental vector operations: addition, subtraction, dot product, cross product
  • Vectors that are "normalized," "orthogonal," and "ortho-normalized"
  • Basis vectors of a matrix
  • Row-major vs. column-major notation
  • The plane equation, and its related to the dot product
  • Affine transform composition: scale, rotation, translation
  • Affine transform concatenation: global/parent/object space
  • Affine transform inversion
  • Affine transform decomposition
  • Euler angles, axis-angle, quaternion, rotation matrices
  • 3-by-3 Rotation matrices (matrices, normal and non-normal, orthogonal and non-orthogonal)"
  • How euler angles are short-hand for rotation matrices
  • How to intuit a rotation from a 3-by-3 ortho-normalized matrix
  • Euler angle static and rotating frame conventions