Posted on 14 March 2021 by Alexander Pirogov & Victor Stepanov

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AI Gaming Research Summit Videos

  • AI
  • Computational Creativity

If you are interested in AI + Tools we recommend you watch “Computational Creativity (Day 1 Track 2.1)” and “Computational Creativity (Day 1 Track 2.2)”.

To Blueprint, or not to Blueprint

  • Unreal Engine

Check out this amazing video from Alex Forsythe. Some people say it is like watching Bob Ross but for UE.

Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment 2020 Videos

  • AI
  • Procedural Content Generation

Interview questions

  • Work

What questions do you ask when interviewing for a Tools Engineer position?

UX of working with AI

  • UX
  • AI
  • Computational Creativity

Free Book on 3D Math!!!

  • Learning

Such a great resource is now available for free!

Debugging with hot-reload

  • C
  • C++
  • Workflow

Porting to Linux

  • Our Machinery
  • Engine

How do you support scripting?

  • Our Machinery
  • Engine
  • Scripting

C++ learning resources

  • C++
  • Learning

A great list of C++ resources in the thread.

Improving UX with hardware

  • Random

Do you have modes in your tools? Do they need a hardware switch? :)

This reminded us of William Chyr’s “MIDI CONTROLLER FOR TWEAKING VARIABLES” article mentioned in GDC 2019 Tech Toolbox mico talk of Em Lazer-Walker (skip to min 24).

The Toolsmiths updates:

  • The Toolsmiths are slowly migrating the conversations from Slack to Discord

    via GIPHY

  • Toolsmiths @ GDC 2021
  • We are continuing our 3rd season of the Vault Club in our Discord Server.
    • We are discussing programming languages and how they apply to Game Tools development.

Notable Releases and Updates

Promethean AI has some updates

SHADERed update

Checkout other awesome digests:

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