Posted on 21 March 2021 by Alexander Pirogov & Victor Stepanov

GameDev Tools weekly made by Alexander Pirogov and Victor Stepanov.


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A modification of Valve’s Hammer Editor

  • Source Engine

Source: Robin-Yann Storm

Use Google AI for play-testing

  • AI
  • testing

Write code in PyCharm, evaluate in Maya

  • IDE
  • Maya

Floating Point Bit Hacks Every Programmer Should Know

Everything you need to know about optimizing code for x86 and x86-64

  • performance

The interpolate tool workflow

  • Blender
  • UX

Sync your build configs across PCs

  • build

Testing Qt Apps

  • gui
  • Qt
  • testing

Are you done with Qt?

  • gui
  • Qt
  • imgui

Improving loading times

  • performance

Intro to computational creativity Book

  • computational creativity

NVIDIA AI features in DCCs tools

  • DCC
  • AI

Working with Shaders in Unity

  • Unity

Source: Technically Art: Issue 90 (19.03.2021) by Harry Alisavakis

The dynamic bounding box

Source: Technically Art: Issue 90 (19.03.2021) by Harry Alisavakis

The Toolsmiths updates:

  • The Toolsmiths are slowly migrating the conversations from Slack to Discord

    via GIPHY

  • Toolsmiths @ GDC 2021
  • We are continuing our 3rd season of the Vault Club in our Discord Server.
    • We are discussing programming languages and how they apply to Game Tools development.

Did You Know??

  • You can play around with USD online USD Playground

  • How games were made in the past?

Notable Releases and Updates

Rider 2021.1 Early Access Program

Promethean AI New Release


Find by signature?

  • C++

Emulating game platforms in .NET

  • .NET

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