Posted on 28 March 2021 by Alexander Pirogov & Victor Stepanov

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The Toolsmiths Slack is officially archived

  • Announcement

We finished moving our discussions from Slack to our new Discord server. Make sure to join us if you haven’t already!


The history of tools in game development with David Lightbown

  • UX

Who should be part of the “Save you a ton of money” team?

  • UX

Image Comparison

  • AI

bitmap to vector graphics

Catch your crashes

  • liveops

Do your unit tests always pass?

  • testing

A way of testing to make sure that the test case actually fails

Expressions support in the property window

  • The Machinery

Do you have some best practices when writing tools?

  • best practice

Qt Creator: CMake package-manager auto-setup

  • build

Did you know that auto-setup.cmake ships with Qt Creator? read more

Click to move, and drag to reorient

  • Unity

Source: Technically Art: Issue 91 (26.03.2021) by Harry Alisavakis


Procedural Content Generation Workshop

Debugging Python terminal

  • tips
  • python

Human Generator addon for Blender

  • Blender

Measuring Pipeline maturity

The Toolsmiths updates:

  • The Toolsmiths finished migrating the conversations from Slack to Discord

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  • Toolsmiths @ GDC 2021

Did You Know??

Notable Releases and Updates

Clang Power Tools update

  • build

CMake update

  • build

Rider 2021.1 Beta release with Unity goodies



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