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Applying Design Thinking Process in Tool Development

  • UX

A blog post by Irene Zhu with a deep dive into a Tools Design approach developed by the Nelson Norman Group. We are currently talking about this blog post in the Vault Club channel of our Discord server

history of Nintendo’s creative tools

  • history

Source: Dave DeSandro

Docker + .NET + Rider

  • .NET

Rider Unreal Engine Editor integration

  • UE

UV unwrapping smooth shapes

How C++ resolves a function call

  • C++

Fixing bugs in open-source softwaretools

  • Blender

Are you using unit tests for documenting?

  • unit tests

Have you considered Nim for game scripting?

  • engine

checkout Nim

Property Grid in imgui

  • imgui

You can setup Compiler Explorer locally

  • C++

Upcoming update for prop placement

  • UE

Capture iOS/Andriod log errors in Unity

  • Unity
  • LiveOps

How to get File Size in C++

  • C++

tl;dr It’s easier with C++17 std::filesystem

Encode/Decode C strings

  • C

hot-reloaded .c plugins in TheMachinery

  • TheMachinery

Help with getting started with Clang-Format

  • C
  • C++
  • C#

Memory optimization problems are not going anywhere

  • performance

Crash course on allocations

  • performance

Riot Games Tools for investigating problems in the wild

  • LiveOps

The Toolsmiths updates:

Notable Releases and Updates

The Machinery 2021.3 update

miniaudio update

  • audio


Using Scratch to emulate a CPU

New episode of No Diagnostic Required

  • podcast

The year is 2021 and C++ is still the most popular language for gamedev. It’s crucial to understand it’s ecosystem and NDR reall helps with that

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