Posted on 12 April 2021 by Alexander Pirogov & Victor Stepanov

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Learning from the history of tools

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Recommendations for API design

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Game Dev Data Structures

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Tools from keeping tech debt under control 🧵

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Have you see CppCon 2018:Nicolas Fleury & Mathieu Nayrolles “Better C++ using Machine Learning on Large Projects” See the publication from @UbisoftLaForge

CLEVER: Combining Code Metrics with Clone Detection for Just-In-Time Fault Prevention and Resolution in Large Industrial Projects

AddressSanitizer + VIsual Studio

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ThreadSanitizer How-to or Eliminating Data Races in Firefox

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CMake script that downloads and builds conan packages

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Introduction to C++ Compilation on the Command Line

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There is a ROI for UX

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Procgen culture

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C++ plug-ins in Maya

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Flexible narrative organization

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Machine Learning in Games an overview

Do you use CMake for your projects? 🧵

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Perforce Visual Studio plugin

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Riley Labrecque posted in the revision-control channel

Just in case anyone’s interested I ended up publishing my little Perforce Visual Studio plugin. It’s super basic, but does exactly what I need.

SimpleP4VS on github

A sand dune shader graph

  • ux

Source: Graphics Programming weekly issue 177 (26.02.2021) by Jendrik Illner

Skybox workflow for Unity using Photoshop

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  • Photoshop
  • UX
  • workflow

Source: Technically Art: Issue 93 (09.04.2021) by Harry Alisavakis

Making level building satisfying

  • Unity
  • UX
  • gamification

Source: Technically Art: Issue 93 (09.04.2021) by Harry Alisavakis

Retopology tool

  • blender
  • UX

Source: Technically Art: Issue 93 (09.04.2021) by Harry Alisavakis

Communicate between DCC

  • blender
  • UX
  • DCC

Source: Technically Art: Issue 93 (09.04.2021) by Harry Alisavakis

🔥 Hot Tools Jobs 🔥

Systems Engineer @ Telltale Games

Indy Ray posted in the careers channel

I have a role open too: Role can be adapted for more Senior or Juinor. Have tons of tooling work in Build or Animation.

Senior Programmer - Tools @ Media Molecule

Media Molecule logo

Amy Phillips posted in the careers channel

read more

Senior Tools Engineer @ Infinity Ward

WZ logo

read more

If you want to apply send a DM to Victor Stepanov

The Toolsmiths updates:

  • Toolsmiths @ GDC 2021

Notable Releases and Updates

CLion 2021.1: New Code Analysis Options, Updates to Remote Mode, and Postfix Completion

meshoptimizer v0.16 is here!

Did You Know??

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