Posted on 19 April 2021 by Alexander Pirogov & Victor Stepanov

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List of 600+ tools for game dev and digital creation

Using city modelling algorithms for city modification

Can’t even imagine how many hours it’d take to change flyover route by hand in the city this dense.

Reference sheet for Jenkins pipelines

When you’re working in CI/CD once every few months and you need to quickly refresh your memory on Jenkins.

MSVC Backend Updates in VS 2019

  • C++
  • Debug

Debug build improvements are insane! It’s really nice that Microsoft is working on optimizing debug builds. It’s not so uncommon in gamedev industry to use Release builds only and wrap code in #pragma optimize(“”, off/on) for debug, simply because you can’t get 1 FPS using Debug build.

C++ tool fair

Deterministic unity builds with FastBuild

  • build

Source Asset Management is now in the free version of Promethean AI

  • dcc

Exploring possibilities with the 3D Manipulator Gizmo

  • DCC

A good starting point with The Machinery

  • engine
  • The Machinery

AI voice over good enough?

  • AI
  • audio

30K items in the treeview

  • imgui

Everything Procedural ONLINE conference

  • proc gen

🔥 Hot Tools Jobs 🔥

Systems Engineer @ Telltale Games

Indy Ray posted in the careers channel

I have a role open too: Role can be adapted for more Senior or Juinor. Have tons of tooling work in Build or Animation.

Senior Programmer - Tools @ Media Molecule

Media Molecule logo

Amy Phillips posted in the careers channel

read more

Senior Tools Engineer @ Infinity Ward

WZ logo

read more

If you want to apply send a DM to Victor Stepanov

Software Development Lead - AR/VR Experiences @ The Walt Disney Studios

Nick Porcino posted in the careers channel

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The Toolsmiths updates:

  • Toolsmiths @ GDC 2021

Notable Releases and Updates

wxWidgets 3.1.5

LLVM 12.0.0


Lumberyard’s Photorealistic Renderer

Source: Indy Ray

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