Some studios might be relying on C# in tools more than other studios. This list is aimed at candidates that are applying for a job that requires a basic understanding of C#. Meaning that this is by far not an exhaustive list of C# topics.

list reference from by Geoff Evans
Garbage Collectors
  • Pro/con to reference counting
  • Mark/sweep
  • Implications for deadline-based programs
  • Destructors vs. Finalizers
  • IDisposable
  • Pinning

C# Basics
  • CLR
  • IL
  • FCL
  • BCL
  • managed vs unmanaged code
  • classes and structs
  • property
  • interface vs abstract class
  • dependency injection
  • boxing and unboxing
  • circular reference
  • constant vs read-only
  • delegates
  • IEnumerable
  • async/await
  • what is WPF
  • XAML
  • resources: static and dynamic
  • MVVM
  • Data Binding
  • Templates
  • Converters


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