Notes by Paul Haile

Brainstorm Topics: Asset Loading / Streaming, Asset Caching / Build Result Sharing, Asset Indirection / Renaming / Referencing Schemes, Sharing Assets Between Projects

Asset Loading / Streaming:

  • Best to use multiple loading schemes at the same time.
    • Generally rely on streaming assets in as needed, but also with a prioritization scheme, so high priority assets can jump the queue.
    • Also support a hard load scheme when certain assets must be available before the player continues - like UI.

Asset Caching:

  • Content Addressible Storage commonly used.
  • Most have HTTP caches over the top to serve assets as needed.
  • Race local CPU resources with cache retrevial so if cache is unavailable or slow local CPU keeps build moving along.
  • Cache warming / locating cache servers at your remote offices is always good.
  • Consider 2 caching schemes, based on file size. Large files can be transferred as is, but you may want to treat bulk small files differently to increase throughput.
  • Rack a cache server along side your build farm to reduce latency.

Asset Sharing Between Projects:

  • Give art department robust search and migration tools and let them handle it.


  • DB backing, assign GUID / UUID to leaf assets.
    • Consider storing ID along with last known location so you can recover / lazily update.

Sparse Syncs:

  • Commonly accepted solution to this is to store only a full dependency tree / metadata for the assets locally. As users attempt to open/edit files sparse sync down what is necessary.


  • SN-DBS everywhere. Use it for anything - its a great tool.
  • Some use a build farm with a labeling scheme to prevent users from syncing asset changes that dont have cache warmed / build results available.
  • Incredibuild also being used by several folks.

Global Optimization:

  • 2 pipelines seem to be the norm, quick iteration with little-to-no global optimization, with the understanding content creators may not be seeing an exact 1-to-1 representation in game, and a fully global optimized path that mostly only QA sees.