Areas of Expertise

list reference from Tools Engineer Recruiting FAQ by Geoff Evans
  • Continuous Integration (in its traditional definition: the folding of changes against each other for early detection of integration test failure)
  • Continuous Validation (automatic validation as change commences within revision control)
  • Computer Configuration-As-Code (such as Puppet, Ansible, etc…)
  • Implementing and honing the reporting of the telemetry implementation within the studio
  • Health monitoring and data corroboration of key services like caching servers (CIFS, Redis, memcachd, etc…) as well as distributed build systems (SN-DBS, IncrediBuild, etc…)

  • Code Build System
  • Web Services
  • Revision Control
  • Web UX
  • Disk/Package Mastering
  • Determinism
  • Statistical Data Analysis
  • Troubleshooting & Debugging Remote Services
  • System Configuration Management
  • Databases
  • Linux